the New Classic


Moxy Guitars are all about making the most creative and artistic guitars and basses. 

"Not Just a Guitar. It's the New Classic"
You will never have a better themed out or customized guitar. 

Moxy Custom Guitars will bring your custom guitar idea to life or start from scratch.
We believe every situation is unique, every instrument is its own, every guitar deserves to be considered for its independence. 

We believe they have spirit and personality and we believe part of us goes into every one of our instruments. 

Moxy takes every art piece personally.
We are not limited to guitars. We create basses too and are looking to start with apparel and amp cabinets. We are a complete custom shop so if you have drums you want customized or an old blanket, we will give it MOXY! 
Contact us with your ideas or let us do it for you. 

Our goal is to make top notch, original instruments with professional quality hardware and electronics at an affordable price.


We Ponder. We Innovate. We Design. We Amaze. We Rock. We do it again!

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