the New Classic


March 25, 2017

Moxy Guitars is proud to announce the development of our own body styles based off and inspired by the classic shapes of Tele, Strat, and Les Paul. We are even more excited that these guitars are all now completely USA MADE! 

Teaming up with Nakita Guitars in NY for the bodies and Necks and Benson Custom Pickups and Hipshot Hardware also in NY. Top of the line people and products behind every Moxy Instrument.

Millisa Henderson

Nov 19th, 2017

Moxy Guitars would like to welcome Millisa Henderson to the Moxy family. She has been chosen as our newest endorsed artist. We look forward to watching her career grow and take the music world by storm. 

Moxy Guitars would also like to announce it is hitting the road again on the Planet Janet Tour with Janet Gardner, from Vixen, supporting her new solo debut album. Janet, Justin James and Anthony G. are all playing Moxy guitars and basses and early next year will be going international to Europe. 

June 26, 2017 

​Moxy Guitars has so much going on it has been hard to update. We are getting ready to finally have all 3 of our models in at the same time to do our photo shoot for ads and promo. We have also stated designing a hand wired boutique amp with Indigo Amplification. This is going to be named "GRIT" and it will be a 2 channel 40 watt head. We are also designing a speaker cab to go with it. This will have two 12" speakers and one 10" speaker to give you your lows and then get your punchy mid-range with the 10 inch. This is a personal favorite of Anthony G.'s.

Moxy Guitars has also just shipped a custom build to Justin Derrico of the VOICE in LA and world fanous artist P!nk. Stay tuned for the steampunk series coming soon and many more custom builds on the way.