Frank Fiorito- TX

Frank is ahhhhh Frank. Thank God he is an accomplished musician because he is just a little off center but just balanced enough to be part of the Moxy sales crew. The doctors have let him out for awhile to sell some guitars so buy some from him so we can buy him his special candy.

Andy Logue- MD

Andy has been a professional musician for many years now. He actually taught Anthony G. lessons a few times back in the day at Mal's Music. He may be ugly but damn he can play. We are very excited to have him on board as our newest sales member. Great player, great guy and great to have him as part of the Moxy Family. Check out his Rush tribute band KRUSH among many other projects he is in. 

Todd "El Chino" Anisman- CA

Todd is a longtime friend of owner Anthony G. back from the Berklee days. He is a monster guitarist based in CA as well as a sound engineer. You can see him with his happy face and his Moxy Guitar in the picture. Todd is the perfect kind of guy to have demonstrating a guitar. 

Justin James- CT

Justin is a full time touring and recording artist. He has shared the stage with many greats and even if he couldn't play, just look at him. We are thrilled to have Justin on the Moxy Sales Crew. 

Tanya Kays- NJ

Tanya Kays is Momma Moxy. She keeps Jose & Anthony on top of their game and is a mega force to the foundation of the company. She is in charge of social media, marketing, events, networking, and way more stuff. She is also a sales rep and a builder herself and a super hero in her spare time. 

Ken Cino

Ken is one busy guy with being in some of the biggest Billy Joel bands like Lords of 52nd St. and Big Shot along with many other projects. Ken is not only a great guy but he is an amazing player based out of Long Island NY. He is also an endorsed Moxy Artist because he is so damn lovable. Don't you just want to hug him? Yup he is playing his Moxy in this picture. True love!

Jordan Abraham- Canada

Jordan oh Jordan...One of the most unique and creative people on the planet. Another Berklee pal of Anthony's, Jordan is going to be our 1st rep in Canada. Interesting fact, Jordan doesn't play a lick of guitar. We don't care because he's a bad ass and plays accordion like a T-Rex gang bang.

Matt Diffley- PA

Matt Diffley is a music and guitar lover! From rave music to make your eyes bleed metal, Matt listens to it all. He also works at Relapse Records in PA. Matt also likes to roll around naked in hot macaroni and cheese.

Steve Miceli- DE

Steve has been a professional guitarist and best friend of Anthony G. for years. With many years touring and performing, he has become a very well known player on the east coast. Steve is currently with Laura Lea & Tripp Fabulous. He also has a lot of tattoos so what else could he do?

the New Classic

Justin Stabler- NYC

Justin Stabler has been a busy boy. He works at 30th Street guitars in NYC when he isn't touring the world with Ricky Martin, Lauren Hill and Hall and Oats to name a few. Justin is a true artist and a master at guitar repairs and set ups. He is really small too so we love to make fun of him.

Allen Wong- Taiwan

Allen Wong is our Taiwan Rep. We are excited to get the Moxy Brand oversees with this hard core business rock star. Retired at 35 years old we are lucky that he is bored and wanted something to do. What better choice than to sell guitars and basses for Moxy. Bad ass biz guy with bad ass guitars.

Wingnut- TN

Wingnut is our Nashville representative. Fantastic guitarist himself and a very well known tech for artists like Blake Sheldon and Hank Williams Jr. Moxy Guitars is a very unique and cutting edge guitar company and Wingnut definitely fits the unique category. A one of a kind person for a one of a kind product and company.